Welcome to Arkem


Arkem is a genre mashup historic game where strategic building and third-person action RPG combine to form a seamless, interchangeable experience.


You take on the role of a downtrodden character living in the cutthroat medieval ages. It’s within this time period that you’ll forge your own destiny by developing and establishing a fortress worthy of a mighty ruler.




Swap Play Modes - Fluidly move from working on

your castle to putting your boots on the ground to

mingle with your people or explore the region.

Mastering both sides of Arkem’s gameplay coin is the

key to expanding your dominion.


Establish Your Stronghold - Start from your

foundational stones and build your way up to a mighty

fortress that stands as the symbol of your reign. Use

the resources provided by the land, unlock new

structures, and develop the ultimate stronghold.


Dive into the Action - Take control of your created

character to take on the world around you through

open-world exploration and action RPG combat.

Growing your own strengths and skill is what will

make you a true conqueror.


Expand Your Legacy - Ensure the future of your

name and rule by bringing into the world heirs or

developing loyalists. When the time is right, have them

step in to take the reigns and pursue the path of

greatness in your stead.


Retell History Your Way - Step into the boots of a

reluctant Crusader who has endured loss and sorrow.

Heed the call of duty and embark on a journey

inspired by real historic events.