Welcome to ARKEM


ARKEM combines the real-time strategy of building games with the adventures of an RPG.


Establish your own castle, build and manage your settlement in a medieval world, gather resources, defend and protect your citizens from raids, equip your subjects with weapons and command your troops to protect what you have built.


Explore the game world, get to know different characters and work together with them.


You will encounter both friends and enemies who will involve you in interesting quests and great challenges.




Swap Play Modes - ARKEM is a genre mix of strategic building and classic role-playing game elements.

You slip into the role of a prince who takes command from the first buildings to laying the foundation stone of the castle and major defensive battles.

Your tasks are wide-ranging: plan the construction of your castle, manage resources and command your troops. Hold talks with important people in surrounding villages and towns, complete quests and explore the world to gain advantages for yourself.

Both game modes merge seamlessly and are interdependent!

Build your own castle - Start with simple buildings and gradually expand your castle into a mighty fortress: a symbol of your rule, a useful defense against enemies, but also simply your home.

Use the resources provided by the land, unlock new structures and use the many modular components to design the castle according to your preferences.


Dive into Arkems world - Take control of your self-created character to explore the world around you. Experience stories and adventures, upgrade your equipment and find useful items for your castle.

Actively help defend your castle from enemies or entrust it to your warband and go on a journey.


Various scenarios - Arkem offers an alternative reality that is roughly based on the historical period of the Middle Ages between 950 and 1300 AD.

Real events such as the Viking raids or the first crusades serve as a source of inspiration for the world of Arkem.